XXX Superior Adaptogen

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XXX Superior Adaptogen

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28 adaptogens (which increase the body’s healthy response to physical, chemical and biological stressors) make up this imperial class longevity and vitality tonic for body, mind, and spirit.  Sourced exclusively from herbal companies practicing GMP (good manufacturing practices which guarantee authenticity, potency and quality).  Small-batch handcrafted in Telluride.


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Traditional Functions:  “Zheng Qi” is the upright, righteous or unified Qi of true health and vitality. These herbs  Tonify  Jing, Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang, Generate Flesh, Generates Body Fluid, Astringe Essence, Tonify Lung and Kidney Qi and promote the “Zheng Qi” of body, mind and spirit.

Traditional Indications:  Jing, Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang Deficiency, Taxation Syndrome, Weakness after Febrile Disease, Nourishing Destiny, Optimal health.  These herbs are used traditionally for issues presenting as stress disorders, infertility, impotence, physical or mental exhaustion, sports and sexual performance, spontaneous sweating upon little or no exertion, night sweats, insomnia, palpitations, spermatorrhea, spontaneous emission, failure to thrive and for convalescence from illness.
Herbalists Note:  The Zheng-28 is based on the traditional "Imperial" class of herbs in Chinese Medicine.  There were three classes of Medicine according to the ancient Medical texts.  The lowest class was for tending to overt illness.  The middle class of medicine was that of immune building, convalescence or what we today think of as "preventative medicine."  The Imperial class of medicine had to do with nourishing our highest physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health.  The herbs used were precious and expensive.  They were to be used ideally as part of a thorough going program of diet, lifestyle, exercise, acupuncture, meditation and cultivation of the "Jun Zi," The Gentleman Sage. 
    Today the same “Imperial Class” herbs are known in Western Medicine as "Adaptogens."  These herbs often contain terpenes and other bio-active compounds known to help humans to adapt to various stressors.   They have "Steroidal" type benefits without any of the deleterious side effects of steroids.  For this reason these herbs are often used for sports performance, sexual prowess and adaptation to extremely stressful conditions such as high altitude or life in modern society.  These herbs are also used for emotional and even spiritual endeavors as evidenced by their traditional use by monks, meditators and warriors.  The Zheng-28 is a primary Qi Gong and Kung Fu training tincture in our local classes.   It has shown clinical success in the Subaru primal Quest race winning "Team Epinephrine" in 2002.  It was used on Choy Oyo (8,000m) in recent years, and has most recently been used on Mt Everest and Lhotse (8000+ m).  This formula empowers the body mind and soul for highest and best adaptation to the challenges of life.

Cautions and Contraindications:  Contraindicated in the presence of amphetamines, antipsychotics, and high doses of SSRI’s unless being used as part of a tapering protocol from such drugs.  Caution in cases of hypertension.  Caution in presence of overt illness or pathogenic attack.